Bringing in the New Year and the New Challenges

We all approach the new year differently. Some make resolutions (some to be kept, some not), others make lists (ME), others still act as if they cannot improve upon the previous year so they just keep trucking as they were. Regardless, do what makes you comfortable. The new year is about you, and you only. This is what I am going to try to remember in 2015 🙂

Today I was sitting in church (when in rural America, one goes to church with their mother) the pastor was talking about being human and being content. Well, about 5 seconds before the sermon started I found out that I got a rather un-wonderful grade last semester. So, i’m sitting there feeling sorry for myself as well as angry and embarrassed and all of the other things, and the pastor starts talking about getting over hurdles and staying content and accepting that we make mistakes. I will keep you all from my entire coping process (also, I’m definitely not finished wallowing in self-pity and anger), but I decided how I’m going to try to approach this new year and all it’s new challenges.

Keep going. Don’t forget you are human and will make mistakes. The biggest positive change we can make will be moving past those mistakes. So many people get caught in the self-pity and wallowing and it becomes impossible to move forward. Well, I am going to wallow, and then move on. M, please hold me to this when I wallow too much, as I indefinitely will. We all will, we are human – remember?!

So, happy 2015 everyone! Embrace the challenges of this year with a little better attitude and we will all no doubt be ready to take on 2016 in 361 days in a little better place than the great place we are in today.

Enjoy some of my favorite pictures from 2014…all mixed up and all pretty great memories 🙂

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Ending 2014

So, the Facebook program generating all of the great parts of your 2014…how many of you have watched them and thought “what about that (insert great event here)” or “that was the most mundane day someone happened to photograph”? Oh, all of us? Good, good…

Well, I am returning from a great vacation with the Pilot, also my first Christmas away from home, and trying to remember all of the wonderful things that happened in 2014. Truth is, I can’t. I was blessed/lucky enough to have had so many great things happen I can’t remember them all. So, in the spirit of honoring my blessed-ness and living the moment instead of analyzing or always photographing it, happy end to 2014 everyone!

Check back in 2015, M and I both have big things happening and we’re just over here trying to live those opportunities to the fullest!


15 Tips for Being Happy at Work

Just found this great list that makes us revisit all the common sense things we know would make us happier, but sometimes we need a little reminder 🙂 Have a great Friday!



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Breaking news. In 2013, unhappy employees outnumbered happy ones by two to one worldwide, according to Gallup. Based on studies that took place in 142 countries and contained approximately 180 million employees, only “13 percent of employees worldwide are happily engaged at work.”

Of course, you probably didn’t need statistics to know that. Being miserable at work has just become a way of life. Or, has it?

I’ve been trying to be happier each and every day. With 2014 coming to an end, it’s time to turn over that new leaf and start actually being happy at work. But how can you accomplish such a seemingly hopeless task?

Try these 15 proven tactics that will make you happy at workplace.


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