As forewarned, there are changes afoot!  No longer will we be blogging under “Tiny Girl Eats” (seemed a bit too narrow focused given the blog’s future plans), but rather “Coast to Coast”!  We wanted to make the change as early on in the process as possible to eliminate confusion & as much extra work as possible.  I apologize if this is inconvenient for any of our new followers (yay! Thank you! We are thrilled!) but we think the inconvenience will be outweighed shortly with more regular posting and better edited posts.  =]

A few notes:
Yes, we will still have healthy food recipes.  Both of us believe that eating well equals feeling well and are committed to helping others find easy & inexpensive ways to eat well while living hectic, broke lives & dealing with dietary restrictions.
No, there are still no actual names.  In the future, this will possibly change, it depends on how much we value our anonymity to those who don’t know physical us.  However, here is a bit of information that could be useful: M used to be known me as “TGE” & please welcome L, formerly “new contributor”, into the fold! We met on the east coast while attending law school.  L still resides on the East Coast, M has since moved to the West Coast (hence the new blog title!), but we figured multi-coast perspectives could be fun!  And L will probably be moving around a bit and will have some delightful “Exploring [insert new city name here]” posts in the next few years.
Yes, BME & the Pilot will still go by their respective aliases;  at least until BME &/or the Pilot are fine with being known otherwise.
No, we are currently not being paid for this.  If we could be, that would be FANTASTIC & we would  take it (I did mention the law school part, right? Yeah … Also expect some student loan venting comments).
Previous TGE posts: Rather than copy over the exact posts that were on TGE, we will create shorter, recipe only posts so those recipes aren’t lost.  As for the information within, check out TGE for a bit longer before we let it go.  As for the more recent posts, those will be copied over directly.

But most of all, we’d like to say thanks again for following us on this bumpy journey and allowing our temporary mess as we transfer over from TGE.  🙂  Please comment and let us know what YOU like to read about, eat, think about!
– M & L


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