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It’s my turn to blog!

Hi readers! I’m going to join this little piece of the Internet and share some of my adventures that are likely similar to yours. I want to make this first post about the struggle I am facing trying to figure out my priorities and ACTUALLY prioritize them.

Short introduction: I am a law student, a student leader, an employee at a law firm, a dancer with a local company, a runner trying desperately to make time for a half marathon in a few weeks, and more importantly a daughter, a sister, and a long-distance girlfriend to a very intense U.S. Marine Corps Pilot. I’m sure my world is slightly different from yours but I know you can relate to the mass of roles we play in our lives … and that sometimes it’s hard to figure out which one is most important.

When I started my third year of law school there was a lot going on in life. Changes were happening for my family a few states away, the long-distance Pilot moved from California to a very close (and accessible in under 15 hours) North Carolina, and I am moving from just finding “experience” with my legal jobs to trying to find a “real” job. I know that last year I spent a lot of time and emotional energy on things that were not actually important – most of it stemming from school and classmates. I knew that starting this year I wanted to find out what was important to ME and focus on that. So, I tried to make a list.

My Priorities:
– My health (eating right, exercising, sleeping enough)
– Being available to my family (even from 500 miles away)
– My Pilot
– My schoolwork and my involvement at school

Now, lets see how well I’ve done after four weeks of school: NOT GOOD. So, this post is going to serve a dual purpose. It is my introduction to you all and it’s my promise to myself that I’ll fix those priorities.

I struggle with priorities and putting myself first because I never, ever want to let someone down. I get sucked in when someone asks for a favor and, truthfully, being there for other people is what makes me feel the best. But I realized over the last few years that I was letting my “helping others” get in the way of my own well being and my own goals. I feel like this is a problem that a lot of people have, especially Type-A females. (Disclaimer: the discussion of men v. women will happen later, if it ever does. That does not mean that you won’t likely glean my feelings on the differences I see and experience between the two. I respect your views on this and if you want to talk about it, I’m in; so please also respect my views.)

Back to it: I was starting to make myself sick with guilt (read: not sleeping or eating well) when I told someone I couldn’t help him or her. I was losing my exercise time because I was stepping in to fill holes left by people who backed out of things last minute. I am not going to lie, I think a persons’ willingness to abandon a responsibility is the biggest indicator of their personality (or my less PC way to say it: failure as a human). However, it does not always fall to me to fix that personality defunct in others. I was starting to feel like my self-worth hinged on being around to fix the holes left by those people, and it’s not! Don’t let another person’s lifestyle drive yours. That is what I am trying to remind myself of every day.

I feel like I’m doing better at not feeling guilty for not always being able to fill the gap. I said “no” to a phone conversation that I didn’t have time to have with a person who definitely hasn’t earned the right to invade my free time.  I am going to leave this post and go on a long run in my efforts to get to that half-marathon and then go grocery shopping so I have more than PB&J all week. I will do my schoolwork today to be ready to go for the week. And finally, my new promise for the week: I won’t say yes to any new responsibilities this week. I will finish what I’ve committed to for the week and keep reminding myself that I need to go to bed at 10:30 so I can wake up at 5:30 to get my run in every day.

So, what do you struggle with on the daily/weekly? Do you feel guilt when you have to say “no” to someone? Any suggestions on staying strong?

Thanks for reading and adios for now!


Promises of posts to come: how to eat and eat well when you have no time and little money, why long-distance relationships are a little selfish no matter how much you love them, packing lunch – ugh, and any of your requests!


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