Exploring Seattle, Part I

Manifest Destiny: Modern Day style
BME & I moved from the east coast, post-law school graduation and bar, to the west coast, where he had lived previously and we both have friends & family.  We both were looking for a change, not just from city to suburb, but from East Coast to West Coast livin’.  So we packed up 1 POD + 1 skybox (that broke in the locked position with all of our items inside … ) + 1 GTI with everything we thought we would need, 2 dogs, and ourselves, and hit the road, camping at KOA’s across the country, until we arrived in Seattle!

Workin’ 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin’ …
Now, I am searching for employment, catching up on my reading (thank you, Tana French, you have excellent timing — if you haven’t read Dublin Murder Squad series by Ms. French, you need to), and trying to get back into running and blogging!  Luckily, BME could transfer easily within his company and I have a bit of a grace period before paying back student loans, etc.  Currently, the job prospects are not looking as terrible as before and I have one that I am extremely hopeful about (keep your fingers crossed, please!).

And that’s really it.  BUT that also means I have an opportunity to explore a new place, meet tons of new people, and practice photography as much as possible! Lucky you all, right?  🙂  Hopefully my pictures will get better as time goes on!

The photos in today’s post are from our day exploring South Lake Union!










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