Dear Readers,

So, as you can tell, both M and I have been trying to deal with some things – AKA: Life. Things have changed for both of us, the good and the bad and the fun and the hungover and all of the other things. But, she will share with you what she feels comfortable with so I will share what I can.

You all (btw: thank you so much for being here!) saw my wonderful Florida pictures and looking back, taking that little vacation was exactly what I needed to deal with the rest of this school year. It has finally slowed down a bit and indeed, finals are only 3 weeks away! Oh how wonderful it will be when my life does not fully revolve around school….

To wrap all of these random thoughts all together, this past month has been a lesson in patience and focus. When things feel like too much, sit down and read a chapter in a new book. Work out. Watch a television show for 43 minutes. All of these things have helped me to restore my patience and re-focus on what has to get done.


Have a great Saturday everyone 🙂



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