What I’m loving this morning

coffeeI’m in the middle of a 60+ hour week. Days are spent clerking and catching up on freelancing, while evenings are spent stocking and rearranging mannequins as the store switch locations. While this schedule is absolutely great money-wise, its less than absolutely great physically: I’m exhausted. Add in freezing temperatures for my morning walk/commute and you have a relatively cranky 25 year old.  Luckily, there’s only one more day in my week before I take off Friday and the weekend to spend time with my parents exploring the downtown/Mount Vernon area.  But until then, here’s a few things that are making it better:

A panda discovering the joys of playing in the snow at the Toronto Zoo!

This list of pictures that never fail to crack people up (some contain adult language);

One of my best friends (and fellow Disney aficionado) made sure I saw this (adult language);

Helps get me through winter break from PLL (Troian Bellisario’s video is pretty great too! Link in text); and

This touching and very well-written post by Canadian educator, Amy Murray, made me tear up.

Photo: my own from studying in Den Haag, June 2013.

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