Ending 2014

So, the Facebook program generating all of the great parts of your 2014…how many of you have watched them and thought “what about that (insert great event here)” or “that was the most mundane day someone happened to photograph”? Oh, all of us? Good, good…

Well, I am returning from a great vacation with the Pilot, also my first Christmas away from home, and trying to remember all of the wonderful things that happened in 2014. Truth is, I can’t. I was blessed/lucky enough to have had so many great things happen I can’t remember them all. So, in the spirit of honoring my blessed-ness and living the moment instead of analyzing or always photographing it, happy end to 2014 everyone!

Check back in 2015, M and I both have big things happening and we’re just over here trying to live those opportunities to the fullest!



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