What I’m loving this morning

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Positive news.

Oh, and then Maryland bar results came out.  The arrow is my seat number.  Things will be alright:

Bar results



When I got back from Seattle, I had a plan.  I was going to embark on a 100 days of creativity type project, taking a photograph a day, while also writing my feelings in a journal and finding great quotes that would lift me up and beyond my current situation.  I think I made about 5 photos, most taken from my friend’s balcony while I crashed at her place for a few weeks.  Instead of my 100 days of creative distraction and growth, I mostly wallowed, watched 30 Rock on a loop, and showed up to parties to save face, but slipped out as early as possible.

However, time passed, I found my own place (more on that later), settled back into a routine, and gave into L’s gentle nudging back towards this blog.  So thank you, readers, for your patience as well.  Here’s your first glimpse into Bawldimore living.

Domino Sugar


Fall foliage

Franklin First Hidden Garden Hidden yard Orioles Way


Our Modern Day Manifest Destiny

Google Map

On August 31st, BME & I packed up our GTI with the dogs and everything we would need for 2-3 weeks and set off west.  We followed the above highlighted route for a week and made excellent time.  Along the way we visited family, ate new foods, camped nightly, and made new friends.  For more stories about our trip across country, check out the rest of the “Modern Day Manifest Destiny” series.


Also a million thanks and much love to our dear friends who came out to join us for our last traditional MD crab feast in a while!  (The same thanks and love to those few who arrived late/left early but still came out!)


Bye, Bawldimore! Photo courtesy of BME.