Weathered Wood Decor — A tale of a successful DIY!

Since moving to WA, I have had the DELIGHTFUL pleasure of meeting a fun, beautiful, and incredibly welcoming family who has been friends of BME’s for years.  Even better, I LOVE the wife! She is FUNNY! She likes wine and Moscow Mules! SHE GETS ME!  Really, what more could you ask for in new friends?!

Last week, we finally had the chance to work on a do-it-yourself project she had been wanting to try for a while: a weathered wood sign/decor.  It took a lot of effort, some cajoling of the men, two Moscow Mules, several coats of paint and stain, and some sandpapering.  Unfortunately, I was only part of the cajoling and painting but we texted a bit about the final touches and I think she did AN AWESOME JOB! Snaps for HH! I’ve included pictures and brief descriptions below.


Her inspiration
Her inspiration (I apologize, we do not have the original website this came from! We do not take credit.)
Our pallet pieces before painting/staining
Our pallet pieces before painting/staining
The pallets immediately after painting/staining
The pallets immediately after painting/staining
The pallets the morning after painting/staining
The pallets the morning after painting/staining
The pallets after more paint and stain
The pallets after a few streaks of stain
The completed work!
The completed work!

Again, I love it, especially against the gray color in their living room!!




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In my abundance of free time, I have realized that I need something to do.  I have spent the majority of my life following a schedule packed with school + extra curricular activities + multiple jobs + social outings + internships + etc.  Now, with my temporary break from real life, I am finding myself rather… Discontent.  I love our new place, I love being to stay up until 2 a.m. reading an absolutely addicting book and then sleeping until 9, I love that I am able to exercise again and cook healthy meals.  But I miss the routine, I miss working, I miss the fun morning vent sessions before the work day starts, I miss having a bit of time to quietly read as much news as possible while chugging some burning coffee or a mason jar of green juice before my colleagues arrive at the office.

So I decided to troubleshoot BME’s Nikon D40.  He feared he would have to buy a new lens or a new camera or something because it didn’t seem to be functioning properly but neither of us had the time to really figure out what was wrong.  However, *fingers crossed*, nothing really appears to be wrong. There were quite a few terrible custom settings (shut off after 4s, etc) that were easily adjusted after studying the manual but other than that, it has been a rather fun toy for the past two days.  Hopefully this means there will be less terrible photos of food and more not-so-terrible photos of food, the dogs, our new place, and the gorgeous outdoors.

Here’s a taste, ranging from Boh’s refusal to acknowledge personal space, her dreams of Oklahoma crushing Tennessee this weekend and Chico napping in his favorite spot to my thumb slowly turning green.

Boh enjoys getting up close and personal; her preferred spot is right in the center of a cross-legged lap

Boh dreams of Oklahoma crushing Tennessee

His favorite spot

Chico Close Up

Pride & joys -- my thumb has slowly but surely turned greener