MMD: MD to Lexington, KY!

Waking up July 31st was not awesome.  Towson Hot Bagel and an orange gatorade helped, but man, that morning just sucked.  July 30th, though, was awesome and definitely not something we regret.  We started packing everything into the car around 8:30 a.m., finished up by 1 p.m., then headed to the REI in Columbia for a new sky box.  Then we were FINALLY ON OUR WAY, headed to Lexington, KY, where BME has grandparents and other family.


0006_WV 0008_WVLuckily, the dogs were only excited acting for some of the first day.  The rest of the trip had a lot of the above.  We passed through West Virginia on our way into Kentucky.  And that is all I really remember of West Virginia; I did chuckle at the “Can I get a thank god hallelujah” sign in the gas station window. 🙂

By the end of the day, we were thrilled to enter KY: at this point we had switched to a scary ghost story podcast and I was pinching BME’s leg to keep him and me awake.  Lexington was gorgeous and cool, a blessing after Baltimore’s high temperatures and humidity.  Even more of a blessing was BME’s aunt and cousin welcoming us with open arms and fresh fruit to snack on (it was wonderful, road eating on the first day did not include much fresh food).  The dogs were also thrilled, getting a fenced in area to run around in and fresh air to breathe.

We stayed in Lexington for two nights, attending a reception BME’s grandparents threw for us.  Now, I am telling you, these people know how to party: you start with champagne and chatting; move onto delicious coffee, cake, and telling of amusing memories; and finish up with a relaxing video.  Truly.  I LOVED IT!  And the film, A New Leaf, with Elaine May and Walter Matthau, is one of my new favorites.  BME has taken to calling me Henrietta at times (what?? Some foods are MEANT to go all over your face!).  By the end of the visit, we wished for more time and are already planning our trip back.   Check back later for the next leg of our trip!