SIBO — On the Go!

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Small disclaimer: Whatever I write on here, they are recipes, ideas, etc. that work for me. SIBO, at least in my personal experience, is truly trial and error in figuring out what you body can tolerate. I have researched GAPS, CDS, and low-FODMAP diets.  I have tried to figure out a general theme between all of those, some kind of rules that can be followed throughout both.  As a result, I follow a modified Paleo diet: cut way down on the starchy items (sweet potatoes… my love for you must be handled in small doses) and cut out completely items that I react to (green bell peppers & zucchini/European cucumber according to Whole Foods … I miss you both the most).  I still eat incredibly small amounts of raw veggies, typically with some form of meat or “cushion” food that I know I do not react to and limit my fruit intake even more.  So all in all, I am still figuring it out for myself and please do not take any of my ideas or suggestions as gold.  You do you, Ferdinand (which is totally what this story is about, right? *shameless Disney plug here*  So without anymore yabber,  here is MY go to list for SIBO snacks for busy people, categorized by where I got them (pre-packaged at a store or made from home & slipped into a baggy — I knowww, use a Tupperware but seriously, my purse is too large and too full already)!

Oh, Starbucks.  What high hopes I always have for you when you roll out a new product line.
– Protein Bistro Box: Avoid the bread (obviously — but which is sad because that multigrain muesli bread with little raisins in it used to be my favorite item in this box); I also avoid the egg but that’s just a personal thing (I didn’t boil it… When did Starbucks boil it?  I dunno = I don’t eat it) & sometimes if I am not feeling too hot to start with, I avoid the cheese (since excess dairy messes with me); I also like to save the little packet of Justin’s honey peanut butter blend to put on any other fruits or veggies I might have with me
– Americano with no milk, soy or anything else added: I know, you are supposed to avoid caffeine with SIBO.  At this point in my life, battling this addiction is too much to ask for.  So I hoped that maybe with extra water and only two shots of espresso, things might be copacetic.  So far = no gurgling tummy (unless I am weak and add soy — then whooaaaa, dumb decision)
– Yogurts: avoid granola if there is granola; while oats should technically be GF, more often than not you cannot be sure and why risk it?  Same goes for Starbucks oatmeal: makes me super sick within 10 minutes of ingesting.  Hence why I’ve only had it once.  UPDATE: Also be wary of the high fructose content if there is fruit.
– Flourless Chewy Chocolate Cookie: I have not had this yet.  However, the ingredients online only list egg and soy as possible allergens.  Someone try it and keep me posted?
– KIND Bars: GF.  I think there was some kind of protest against them for some reason like a year ago or something? I don’t know.  My school also sells these in our vending machines and our university market, so I typically grab them for on the go stuff.

– Marshmallow dream bar:  SURPRISE SURPRISE, this is not GF.  *cue super disappointed noise here* I used to love these things.  When I worked at Da Bux, I would eat these ALL THE TIME.  When I didn’t work at Da Bux, I would still go there and get one.  BUT, alas, they have BARLEY MALT.  A big no-no.
– Vanilla bean powder: supposedly has gluten.  Who knew?  Not me, but I don’t really get anything with the vanilla bean powder.

Ahh.  How lovely is it when you actually have time to plan a meal AS WELL AS snacks?
– Celery sticks: this is a raw veggie so I really limit the amount I have.  Typically take 3 stalks, cleaned with the ends cut off and chop into three sections each so I end up with 9 mini stalks.  I typically eat 3 mini stalks at a time during the day and I typically end up bringing more home then I plan to.  Really depends on how I feel.  Also, plug for Dandy, which produces fresh chopped celery in bags!  Here is the only website I can find that remotely describes what I am talking about: I do not actually shop at Wegmans because a. broke and b. the closet one is far away.  I shop at Shoppers and they sell larger sizes of Dandy Celery than this.  I’m talking like $2.50 for a bag that fits like 2 full things of celery in it.  Added to no prep, no mess? *Cha-ching*
– Chopped watermelon: again, you can buy this prepped.  It is definitely more expensive but sometimes I am super lazy.  You can also buy a whole watermelon or a quarter or a half depending on what is available when you buy it.  I limit my intake of this since it does have a high sugar amount.  Typically about 4 chopped pieces in a baggie with 4 chopped pieces of pineapple (see below).
– Chopped pineapple: please see above. Ha just kidding — don’t you hate that? I feel like a lot of statutes are like that when I am attempting to find a good clear definition/explanation and god. It irritates the pee out of me.  You can find pineapple prepped, you can buy a whole one.  I hate buying whole ones.  They also irritate the pee out of me.  Also does anyone know if those pineapple and apple core-ers work?  Would that eliminate my hatred of whole pineapples?
– Chopped strawberries: I don’t think these come prepped unless you buy a whole fruit tray.  Luckily though they have been on sale quite a lot lately ($1.50 for a lb basket! WHAAAAAAAAAAAA. Shoppers, I love you, and not just for the smell of your colossal donuts that I can no longer have).  Strawberries do not affect me as much as other fruit.  Awesome, blossom.  I add them to some vanilla ice cream when I’m having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (no, I do not have children; yes, I am mentally still a child).
– Chopped mango: same as strawberries and also where on sale recently!  Although be careful when you cut it (apparently, this is the proper way: I had no idea when I first tried) and the peel is poisonous? Or is that an urban legend Big Man Eats always tells me to scare me?  Also just actually watched that youtube video.  WTF.  I want THAT de-core-er.  What have I been wasting my time on???